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We have received the green light from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care to start implementing quality management programs.

Provincial Quality Management Programs for Colonoscopy, Mammography and Pathology in Ontario

  • Executive Summary
    This document provides an overview and summary of quality management programs, as well as our approach to implementation and evaluation.
  • Full Report
    In addition to the overview and summary, this report also contains the program design recommendations (e.g., standards, guidelines, process and structures) for quality management programs in the three health service areas that the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care has approved for implementation.

Building on Strong Foundations: Inaugural Report on Quality in Colonoscopy, Mammography and Pathology

  • Full Report
    This report provides a summary of the health professionals and facilities that provide the three health services in Ontario, key provincial quality initiatives that currently exist in each health service area, and provincial performance of indicators recommended by the expert advisory panels.
  • Methodology
    This document contains the background analysis and methods used for determining the measurement of indicators in the inaugural report.
  • Introduction to the Quality Management Partnership
    This video provides an overview of the Partnership and outlines the benefits of quality management programs for colonoscopy, mammography and pathology
  • Quality Management Partnership January 29, 2016 Webcast
  • Health Achieve 2015: Quality Management Partnership
    We held a panel discussion that included physicians, a patient/service user and health system leaders.
  • Judith John, Chair of the Quality Management Partnership Citizens’ Advisory Committee as well as a former healthcare executive and patient, participates in an interview on TVO’s The Agenda on our progress in Ontario’s Patients First strategy.
    • Part 1:
      What happens when the provider becomes the patient? Judith John discusses her patient advocacy work and her efforts to make the healthcare experience better.
    • Part 2:
      How do we improve a $50 billion healthcare system? Patients and providers share their thoughts.

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