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About Us

December 2015 Announcement from the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care | PDF (485 KB)

Announcement from Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care | PDF (59 KB)

The Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care established the Quality Management Partnership in March 2013. We are working closely with patients, service users, healthcare providers and health system leaders to implement provincial quality management programs for three health service areas: colonoscopy, mammography and pathology.


The program foundations are being established over the next three to four years. We are building on pre-existing programs and initiatives and working closely with stakeholders to support quality improvement.

Program Structure

We are working in the public interest to implement quality management programs that ensure all Ontarians have access to consistent and high-quality colonoscopy, mammography and pathology services.

These programs include:

  • Standards and evidence-based indicators and guidelines
  • A clinical leadership structure of provincial, regional and facility leads
  • Quality reporting at the physician, facility, regional and provincial levels
  • Resources, tools and opportunities to support quality improvement

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