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We are led by the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario and Cancer Care Ontario. The expertise of each organization helps us to achieve our goal of improving the quality and consistency of care in each of the health service areas.

We are also supported by a Secretariat and a number of advisory bodies.

The College of Physicians Surgeons of Ontario

The College of Physicians and Surgeons of Ontario regulates the medical profession and defines standards of practice in the public interest. It assesses practice environments and utilizes a peer-led assessment model focused on quality improvement and provider education. This allows them to work closely with their membership, using clinical expertise to inform their work.

Cancer Care Ontario

Cancer Care Ontario uses performance reporting and funding levers to drive a provincial quality agenda. It manages provincial program implementation and engages health professionals, ensuring that programs are informed by clinical expertise and evidence-based practice.

Quality Management Partnership Steering Committee


The Quality Management Partnership Steering Committee sets the strategic direction for quality management programs. It oversees and approves our work, including milestones and deliverables, and helps to translate the Ministry of Health and Long-Term Care mandate into actionable goals and objectives.


Health System Reference Group


The Health System Reference Group provides advice and insight to ensure that stakeholders with diverse expertise in healthcare quality can best inform the quality management programs. They help us to understand and respond to stakeholder issues and concerns.


  • Chaired by President and CEO, Health Quality Ontario
  • Includes:
    • Senior leaders from organizations such as the Ontario Hospital Association, the Ontario Medical Association and Health Quality Ontario
    • Academics
    • Chair of the Citizens’ Advisory Committee

Citizens’ Advisory Committee


The Citizens’ Advisory Committee provides guidance and input from patient and service users. Members advise on the overall design and implementation of the quality management programs, patient engagement, patient experience measurement, public reporting, change management, knowledge transfer, exchange and communication.


  • Chaired by Jill Adolphe
  • Includes other members of the public:
    • Jacquie Brown
    • Cassie Frazer
    • Owen Litwin
    • Ivana Marzura
    • Dayna Roberts

Provincial Quality Committees

There are three provincial quality committees, one for each health service area – colonoscopy, mammography and pathology.


The provincial quality committees advise on program priorities and activities. They are responsible for:

  • Recommending quality improvement opportunities in their specific health service area
  • Championing us and our initiatives
  • Supporting change management and knowledge translation and exchange across the province
  • Reviewing provincial and regional reports
  • Providing recommendations on improvement opportunities


  • Chaired by quality management program provincial leads:
  • Includes:
    • Quality management program regional leads
    • Other relevant provincial clinical and scientific leads
    • Patients and service users
    • Other relevant healthcare professionals and organizational representatives, as required
    • Cancer Care Ontario Regional Vice President
    • Relevant facility administrative representatives

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